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  • whipsy@livejournal.com
Six reasons to read this journal, or six warnings why you should stay away! ;)

scribble_myname: "whipsy always brightens up my day, and don't mind her obession with Selina and Bruce or other comic characters: it makes for some of the awesomest fic."

kittybats: "whipsy stalked Christian Bale thinking he was the real Batman!"

stormkpr: "Whipsy is thoughtful, thinks of other people, cares about other people. When you see a comment or post from Whipsy, you smile."

darthbatgirl: "Whipsy was actually the one who started the Remy/Tim ship craze. Laughing gleefully when darthbatgirl got the blame for it. :D <3"

ava_jamison: "Whipsy is very, very awesome and writes some of the best BatCat fic out there!"

lilacsigil: "Whipsy is in fact Catwoman: all the fic is autobiographical."