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texting fun, part I!
From this meme. So I didn't write a drabble or a ficlet, instead I made these...

Characters: Rogue/Gambit
Rating: PG-13
Warning: high school humor?
AN: for scribble_myname! But I couldn't find the text message, so I just kinda went with the prompt only! ;)

Characters: Huntress, Oracle, other BoP mentioned
Rating: PG-13
Warning: CRACK!!
AN: for mirage_delgado!

ETA: I don't know what happened to the size!!!! /o\ Nothing I do fixes it! =( If it's hard to read, please let me know. =(

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Love, love, love! Thank you! (I think the one I pulled from the link involved falling asleep in class or backpacks, so no big deal.) :hugs:

Yay! \o/ I was worried about these, lol! So glad you loved!!! Surprisingly, it was easier to do this than write it out, but also harder, if that makes sense... =D

These are so brilliant!

Thank you very much! They were fun to make! =D

(Deleted comment)
As long as you liked it! =DDDDDD

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