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from scribble_myname
Comment to this post saying something - anything - about me. I'll then put what you've said in my profile for a day or two! ;) This means that you can say I eat babies, and it will still go up to describe me to the world. Then post this in your journal, so we can do the same thing for you!

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whipsy always brightens up my day, and don't mind her obession with Selina and Bruce or other comic characters: it makes for some of the awesomest fic.

Aw, thank you! *hugs* See, I can leave this one for more than one or two days! ;)

whipsy stalked Christian Bale thinking he was the real Batman!

Whipsy is thoughtful, thinks of other people, cares about other people. When you see a comment or post from Whipsy, you smile.

Aww, what a lovely thing to say! Thank you! *hugs*

Whipsy was actually the one who started the Remy/Tim ship craze. Laughing gleefully when darthbatgirl got the blame for it. :D <3

Whipsy is very, very awesome and writes some of the best BatCat fic out there!

HI! HI!!! *tackle hug*

And thank you for the kind words! *hugs again*

Whipsy is in fact Catwoman: all the fic is autobiographical.

And is any of this going to end up on your actual profile, sugah?

Icon? Can't find it on the maker's journal (maybe 'cause it has a gazillion).

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